Is Family Dentistry Only For Big Families?

Is Family Dentistry Only For Big Families?

Families come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and finding a trusted family dentist in Oklahoma City, OK can mean happier, healthier smiles for everyone you call family. Having a family dentist means that you can continue to see the same friendly faces in the office as you age, and that you can be sure your family receives top notch care, whether they are toddlers, teenagers, or well into their senior years.

What Sorts Of Things Does A Family Dentist Do?

A family dentist takes care of general dental needs for patients of all ages. That might mean taking a peek in your little one’s mouth when the first teeth are coming in, or seeing your elementary child for sealants and fluoride treatments. It might mean reminding your teen about the importance of mouthguards during sports (so you don’t have to be a nag.) Children, young adults, adults and grands all need ongoing checkups and cleaning, about every six months, to keep teeth and gums healthy, and watch for signs of trouble. Having an ongoing relationship with a dental care provider is an important part of this process.

Is There Anything Else?

There isn’t enough space to give a comprehensive list of every service a family dentist could provide. Family dentists provide an array of preventive services to head off trouble, and restorative services (like fillings) when something goes wrong. Family dentists keep an eye on orthodontic issues, and they are familiar with options for clear braces for adults, and more.

Do Family Dentists Perform Cosmetic Procedures?

Family dentists offer cosmetic services, like teeth-whitening, which is the most requested cosmetic dental procedure . Teeth can take on color from foods and beverages, as well as the natural changes in tooth enamel, and sometimes interference from certain medications. An in-office procedure or take home teeth-whitening kit can restore brightness to your smile.

Easy Scheduling with a Family Dentist

Because family dentists are used to seeing patients of all ages, their offices are prepared for lots of different personalities. Family dental staff members are comfortable treating wiggly little ones, senior patients, and all ages in between. Grouping appointments, or being seen at a family appointment (where family members are seen in individual rooms at the same time) can ease scheduling, babysitting and carpool needs, to simplify your life.

A Family Dentist Might Be Right For You

If having one go-to dentist for your whole family, and for your needs as you age, makes sense, then a family dentist could be right for you. To learn more about family dentistry options in Oklahoma City, OK, contact us today, or call our office at 405-752-0111 for an appointment. We happily see patients in the greater Oklahoma City area.