4 Issues That Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix

Cosmetic dentistry can help many problems that affect the appearance of your smile. Professionals in this field use a variety of procedures to help their patients improve their smile.

Cosmetic dentists can help you to have a more beautiful and functional smile that you can be proud of. Keep reading to find out 4 issues that cosmetic dentistry can fix.

1. Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are a very common problem that cosmetic dentistry can fix. If you have crooked teeth, you know how they can affect the beauty of your smile. A cosmetic dentist can usually resolve this problem fairly easily since the teeth can be realigned to give you a perfect smile.

Crooked teeth are typically straightened or treated with braces, veneers, or aligners. These devices will either gradually move your teeth into their proper location or cover the tooth surface to leave your smile looking bright and beautiful.

2. Discolored Teeth

Discolored teeth are also a cosmetic dental concern as stains can be unsightly and difficult to remove on your own. Deep stains will need to be treated by a cosmetic dentist for the best results.

A cosmetic dentist does this by applying a whitening treatment to bleach the stains. If the staining is too severe, your cosmetic dentist may choose to use veneers for better and longer-lasting results.

It is best for patients to avoid using at-home whitening treatments as they are much less effective and some can damage your enamel. Professional cosmetic whitening can last for years and leave your smile undamaged and much whiter.

3. Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps in your teeth are another common concern for people when it comes to the appearance of their smile. Gaps can be quite unsightly and lead to feelings of insecurity about your smile.

Cosmetic dentists can fix this problem to help your teeth look straight and gap-free. Dental bonding is a common way for dentists to close gaps in teeth. This involves covering the tooth with a dental resin which is then hardened with a UV light.

This procedure will close the gap and make the spacing between your teeth look natural. It also makes your teeth appear perfectly aligned. Small gaps can also be covered with veneers if bonding won’t work. 

4. Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are a big cosmetic issue in dentistry as well as an issue for the functionality of your oral cavity. When a tooth is missing, your bite is affected as is the overall structure of your face and jaw.

A cosmetic dentist can fix missing teeth with dentures, fixed bridges, or dental implants. Which option your dentist chooses will depend on your preference and budget.


Cosmetic dentistry can fix all kinds of dental issues that you might have. A cosmetic dentist can help you to have a better smile and feel good about how your teeth look.

Cosmetic dentistry can also address problems with the functionality of your teeth and bite. If you have problems that you would like a cosmetic dentist to look at, give the office of Wayman Family & Cosmetic Dentistry a call today. We can help!