What is a Veneer? Veneers in OKC

What is a Veneer?

By Oklahoma City Dentist Dr. Larson Wayman

Video Transcript

Many patients don’t like their appearance of their teeth, whether it’s chipped front teeth or discolored fillings, and veneers can be a solution for that. Veneers are a conservative option that can drastically improve someone’s smile. They require very minimal preparation of the tooth and in some cases, they don’t require any preparation of the tooth.

With all my cosmetic cases, we’re going to be able to show you what it’s going to look like before we actually do anything. That involves taking models of your teeth and mounting them, so that we can see how your teeth come together. That allows us to make sure that your teeth are going to function properly, so that you aren’t going to be chipping or breaking into any of these restorations in the near future. Like my approach to all my patients, I always take a comprehensive viewpoint. I don’t want to look at just the front teeth that are chipping, but we’re going to address the bigger issue if there is bigger issues going on, whether it’s muscle problems or TMJ problems. We want to make sure that we address the root, so that your restorations can last a long time, and that we can keep you comfortable.

And when you come in for your veneer appointment, we’ll prepare the teeth for the veneers. You’ll leave in temporaries that day, that way we can make sure that your form and function are just right, and that you’re not breaking anything. Most veneers we are able to customize the shade of your teeth, so that they look as natural as possible and blend in with the rest of your natural teeth. If you know you have problems with your teeth, or maybe you just don’t like your smile in the way it looks, call our office today for a complimentary consultation.