Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation

By Oklahoma City Dentist Dr. Larson Wayman

Video Transcript

I understand that many people have a legitimate fear of the dentist. A very important part of my job is to alleviate as much anxiety from the process as possible. One of the ways we were able to do that at our office is through oral conscious sedation. Conscious sedation is a safe and effective oral tablet that allows patients to receive a high level of relaxation during their visit. It is a simple and practical way to help alleviate some of that anxiety that many patients experience when they undergo dental procedures.

For patients that prefer conscious sedation, it will take a pill before their appointment. Throughout the entire procedure, the patient is awake and able to respond to myself and our staff, but they will just feel much more relaxed. And they may not remember much about the appointment. Oral conscious sedation allows many patients who fear the dentist or have avoided the dentist in the past to achieve their dental goals and overcome their anxiety.

Another option for our patients is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, which is inhaled during an appointment or procedure to allow for a more relaxed experience. Nitrous oxide is simple, safe, and without side effects. Patients can easily function and drive themselves home after their appointment.

As I mentioned before, our priority is patient relationships and our office offers multiple options to make patients feel as comfortable as possible during their visits.