Are You Underestimating Gum Disease?

woman checking smile at dental office gum disease conceptGingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, an early form of an infection that is still reversible. What you should know is that when gingivitis is not dealt with properly, bacteria that have gathered under your gums can continue to spread, creating a more serious form of the infection that has long-term consequences! Many people discover too late that their periodontal health required attention. At this point, persistent care is necessary to prevent worsening tissue damage, tooth loss, and more! Our Oklahoma City, OK dental office is prepared to help. We can support you in preventing an early infection from worsening. We can also begin plans to maintain your health if you are already dealing with more severe gum disease.

Why Gum Disease Is Not Something To Take Lightly

Would you be surprised to learn that gum disease is the most common reason why adults lose their teeth? Tissue damage that occurs because of this infection is severe enough to loosen teeth and cause them to be lost. There are other concerns related to this condition. Studies have linked it to serious general health problems, including heart disease and dementia!

After progressing beyond its initial stage, gum disease will become permanent. Fortunately, it can still be managed with the right approach, so you can avoid the long-term consequences of this condition.

We Can Help Treat Active Problems With Your Gums

Your dentist will evaluate your gums with both a visual review and imaging tools and gently check them for the formation of pockets around teeth. The condition of these tissues will help us evaluate whether an infection is present, and if so, how far it has progressed. With a deep cleaning, we can remove bacteria that are present on your roots. This can reverse gingivitis and let your periodontal tissues return to good health. For patients who need more involved care, antibiotics, medicated mouthwash, and in some cases even surgery or bone grafting can be recommended.

How Regular Dental Checkups Protect Your Periodontal Health

At regular dental checkups and cleanings, we will closely check your teeth and gums for signs of trouble. In addition to taking action when the early warning signs of gingivitis are present, we will help you by providing preventive care that lowers your risk for the start of this infection.

Talk To Your Oklahoma City, OK Dentist About Treatment For Gum Disease

Without the right support, problems with your gums can take a serious toll on your health and quality of life. This is something we protect our patients against. Through consistent preventive services and more involved care when needed, we can help you avoid trouble with gum disease. To find out more about this and other forms of support we offer, call our Oklahoma City, OK, dental office at (405) 752-0111.