Dental Work That Improves Your Smile

man with nice smile cosmetic dentistry conceptLiving with a lack of confidence in your smile can hurt your socially. Your embarrassment at revealing your teeth can cause you to come across as awkward and withdrawn. When people observe problems with teeth that are misshapen, damaged, or discolored, it may give them a negative impression of you. While these issues are embarrassing, they are often easier to take on than you realize. Our Oklahoma City, OK dental practice can offer improvements through different esthetically pleasing treatments. We rely on lifelike materials when restoring teeth that are in poor health, and we can recommend services that are focused on making cosmetic improvements if your otherwise healthy smile could benefit from corrective work.

A Smile Makeover Can Make You More Confident In The Way You Look

Few features draw the eye like a bright, lovely smile. Unfortunately, just one flaw is enough to take away the confidence you could have in the way you look. For some, naturally occurring issues with poor spacing or teeth that are not the right shape or size to fit in with their neighbors are a source of embarrassment. Others will lose confidence in how they look because their smile becomes discolored, or due to the onset of wear and tear. By letting your dentist know that you want to do something about the issues that make you self-conscious, you can find that effective and convenient solutions are available!

Different Treatment Options That Prioritize Your Smile

There are different solutions we can recommend if you have doubts about your smile. To fight the gradual buildup of stains on enamel, we provide teeth whitening services that remove particles that have gathered over time. The right materials can fight discoloration in deeper layers of the tooth structure, which helps yield results that over the counter products are not able to match. For concerns about teeth that are misshapen, damaged, or discolored due to internal problems, we can recommend treatment with porcelain veneers. These thin, durable shells cover the fronts of teeth so that worries over their shape, size, and general look can be resolved. This one treatment can effectively give you a symmetrical, problem-free smile!

The Importance Of Preventive Care In Preserving Your Appearance

Through consistent preventive dental care, you can maintain your smile after undergoing cosmetic dental work. We can help you keep your enamel healthy and offer guidance on preventing the accumulation of future stains. For patients who receive veneers, our regular reviews can provide updates about your health and the condition of your restorations.

Talk To Your Oklahoma City, OK Dentist About Improving Your Smile!

Through the right services to improve your smile, you can enjoy a marked increase in confidence. If you would like to find out more, call our Oklahoma City, OK dentist’s office today at (405) 752-0111.