Same-Day Crowns Offer Convenient Care

man with nice smile dental crown conceptIf your tooth is impacted by decay or damage from an accident, a restorative procedure helps by removing unhealthy material and providing a permanent restoration. The process for placing a dental crown, which addresses larger cavities and more serious injuries, can vary in time and number of appointments. Many dental practices require at least two appointments to complete this work, but our Oklahoma City, OK dental office provides results in as little as one visit with our same-day crowns. Because we have the technology to design and place a restoration in one visit, we can make sure that difficult problems are resolved in a short time while still providing exciting results!

What Will It Take To Ensure That Your Vulnerable Tooth Is Fully Restored?

Your initial evaluation will tell us what kind of support your tooth needs. During your review, it is important that we assess whether you need a filling or a crown—fillings produce results while keeping care conservative, while crowns offer more protection and bite support. If you need a dental crown, you may expect that your treatment will take longer. After all, a custom restoration must be made to precisely fit your tooth without bothering its neighbors. To provide lifelike results, it should also be made with a material that can imitate the tint and texture of your healthy enamel. Our practice can actually provide this kind of support in just one appointment, as we rely on CEREC technology to produce same-day crowns! In addition to taking care of teeth that are in poor condition, these restorations are sometimes used to provide cosmetic care.

Using Same-Day Dental Crowns To Care For Our Patients

Same-day dental crowns are produced in-house, something made possible by digital imaging and design technology, also known as CAD/CAM technology. We can capture digital measurements of your tooth to use in the creation of a model of your restoration. From there, we can produce the digital model we have created with a milling machine. The crown is made from a ceramic substance that can successfully match healthy tooth structure in appearance and offer meaningful bite stability.

More Services That Restore Less Healthy And/Or Less Attractive Smiles

There are different paths to smile care available based on your needs and concerns. Both dental fillings and dental crowns play roles in cavity treatments. For issues with teeth that are misshapen, damaged, or discolored, we can use crowns as well as more conservative veneers. For patients who have suffered a significant problem like tooth loss, we can discuss the lasting advantages of prosthetic treatment through implant dentistry.

Your Oklahoma City, OK Dentist Can Take Care Of Your Tooth With A CEREC Crown!

For more information on the benefits of dental treatment with a same-day crown, call our Oklahoma City, OK dental practice at (405) 752-0111.